Attend our webinar on December 10th

Are you regularly handling JD Edwards change management, or upgrading your JD Edwards release?

Attend our webinar on December 10th, and find out how to optimize the JD Edwards Technical Change Management Process. Even if you’re outsourcing change management, optimization will save you time and money.

In just one hour, we’ll cover how to add value to your JD Edwards Technical Change management. This is achieved by converting your manual change management process to a status driven and fully automated process flow.

Start saving time and assets on your JD Edwards object change management process and benefit from:

  • Timely delivery of software changes
  • Errorless builds & deployments
  • Automated and scheduled builds
  • One-click manual builds
  • Accelerated time-to-market of software changes
  • Agile development & continuous software delivery
  • Automated reports documenting the change management process


  • Typical Life Cycle Management process
  • PACKMAN – Features & Functions
  • Mobile application
  • Life Cycle Management dashboards
  • Proof Of Concept

Who should attend?

  • JD Edwards CNC’s who are interested in automating manual repetitive tasks
  • IT Managers interested in improving the service level to their business users
  • Project Managers interested in having software changes provided timely and accurately

Webinar details

Date: Thursday December 10th, 2020
Time: 8pm CET (UTC+1) / 1am CST
Duration: 60 minutes
Hosted by: Teunis Aalberts


Additional information about this webinar can be found on our website, or by contacting Lars Nijenbrinks:


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