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Experience the convience of PACKMAN and request a Proof of Concept

Request a Proof of Concept

PACKMAN makes technical change management in JD Edwards transparent, less expensive, more efficient and above all automatic. Experience the benefits of PACKMAN for yourself and request a Proof of Concept. This trial version is completely free of charge and without obligation. The entire implementation is provided by Forza Consulting.

With a Proof of Concept you can take advantage of all the benefits that PACKMAN offers for a full month. Testing and rolling out changes in JD Edwards is an often recurring and manual technical process, that has to be carried out in various environments. PACKMAN automates the change management process: from development and testing through to production. The developer no longer needs to be concerned about this and is kept informed about the progress with real-time notifications.

The PACKMAN deployment automation software is OVI certified by Oracle for versions 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2. of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and is furthermore compatible from version 8.x, TR 8.95.

Are you interested in a Proof of Concept? Please request your free trial version below. The implementation is provided free of charge by Forza Consulting.* Following the trial period of one month you can chose whether or not to purchase the license.

* The implementation costs will be charged if a license is purchased.

Request a Proof of Concept

“With PACKMAN we implemented a simpler more cost effective solution to technical change management, whilst introducing a smart method of working and saving time.”

“PACKMAN achieves time savings of 45 minutes per package, however, for the IT Department the fast time-to-market that we achieve with this package manager weighs even greater.“


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